Welcome to stack’s documentation!

stack is a Python version of stack (http://docs.haskellstack.org/en/stable/README/), which is a cross-platform program for developing Python projects. It is aimed at Pythonistas both new and experienced.

Go Star Stack on GitHub (http://github.com/ryankung/stack)

It features:

  • Install Python in current environment automatically, in an isolated location
  • Installing packages needed for your project.
  • Run your project
  • Check test coverage of your project
  • Code quality control
  • End to End git based release


  • stack / pystack
  • scaffold – A Python template generator
  • require – An async remote module loader


Quick Start:

  • Installation:

    pip3 install python-stack
    or run
    curl "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/RyanKung/stack/master/install.sh" | sh
  • Create a new project via template:

    stack new <project name> -t <template path>
  • Init and Setup on an existed project:

    stack init --python=<spec version>
    stack setup
  • Test and report test coverage:

    stack coverage
  • Run executable file in Env:

    stack python
    stack pip
    stack test
    stack repl
  • Run a remote file:

    stack run --run <some *.py remote>
  • Extensible:

    Stack supports extending the environment with a stackfile like this:
    from stack.decorators import as_command
    def do(args):
        @argument --sth, help=dowhat
        print('do %s' % args.sth)
  • Document generator:

    stack doc
  • P2P git baseed deployment:

    on remote production server:

    stack serve

    on local dev environment:

    git add remote production git://<your remote ip>:30976/.git
    git checkout release/<your release branch>
    git push production HEAD


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